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Average Residential Property Inspection Fees: New Mexico Only

  • Fees are calculated by the square footage of the living space and the age of the structure.

  • The lot size is not needed or factored in. Additional exterior buildings, living areas, and maid quarters may be additional.

  • Commercial real estate is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

  • You may email us, call, or text message us for information and pricing on commercial real estate properties. 

  • MINIMUM FEES begin at $375.00+Tax for homes/buildings up to 2,000 sqft. Home Inspection only. 

  • Properties located outside of the city limits may have additional trip charges applied. 

  • Significantly older structures may have additional fees added. 

  • For accurate price estimates and scheduling times, please utilize the Message Us box below. 

  • Please note: We only perform inspections in the State of New Mexico

Providing Quality Inspections, Yielding Professional Results, Generating Timely Reports  We Are The Professionals. 



  • The day your Home inspection is completed, the inspection report is generated and delivered that same day within a few hours of the inspection service.

Fees may vary with age and style of the home.

Please Call, TEXT, or EMAIL us directly for pricing.

New Mexico                        

(575) 621-4006-Las Cruces


Office Hours - Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

Message Us Directly


  • You can contact us directly by using the message box below. 

  • Please include the square footage of the living area and age of the property

Thanks! Message sent.

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