Average Residential Property Inspection Fees:

  • Fees are calculated by the square footage of the living space and age of the structure.

  • The lot size is not needed or factored. Additional exterior buildings, living areas, maid quarters may be additional.

  • Commercial real estate is calculated on a case by case basis.

  • You may email us, call, or text message us for information and pricing on commercial real estate properties. 

Providing Quality Inspections, Yielding Professional Results, Generating Timely Reports  We Are The Professionals. 



  • The day your Home inspection is completed, the inspection report is generated and delivered that same day within a few hours of the inspection service.

Fees may vary with age and style of the home.

Please Call, TEXT, or EMAIL us directly for pricing.

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Message Us Directly

Message Us Directly

  • You can contact our staff directly by using the message box below. 

  • Please include the square footage of living area and age of the property