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Cities of Las Cruces NM - El Paso TX Home - Commerical Inspector Services

Las Cruces New Mexico Home Inspections


  • Foundation systems

  • Grading around the exterior of the structure to ensure proper drainage

  • Attics and roof structure materials

  • Wall structure (Interior and Exterior Structure)

  • Ceiling and Floor structure

  • Doors (Operation of the Doors, Functionality, and Safety Requirements)

  • Windows (Operation of the accessible windows, Damage reporting, Functionality)

  • Stairway Systems (Exterior and Interior requirements and safety)

  • Fireplace and Chimney systems (Ignition of fireplace system and safety inspection)

  • Porches, Balconies, Decks and Carports, Attached and Detached Garage Inspections

Las Cruces NM home inspection services


  • Roof Covering Systems and Materials. 

  • Flashing and sealing around roofing penetrations.

  • Vents penetrating the roof coverings.

  • Condition of the shingles or other roof covering materials.

  • Hail damage Inspections.

  • Wind Damage Inspections.

  • Proper drainage of the roofing system.

home inspectors in las cruces electrical inspections


  • Service Entry Panels (Breaker boxes, connections, safety inspection, and operation)

  • Branch Circuits throughout the interior and exterior (Safety inspection, Function Testing)

  • Grounding requirements, Damaged outlets

  • Polarity Testing on all accessible outlets

  • Voltage testing to ensure adequate voltage on 120V and 240V outlets

  • GFCI / AFCI outlet and breaker testing (safety tests)

las cruces home inspectors


  • Heating equipment operation and testing

  • Cooling equipment operation and testing 

  • Temperature testing 

  • Functional Airflow on all vents inspection. 

  • Duct Systems inspection where accessible. (Rusting, Air Blockage)

  • Physical inspection of the HVAC system

  • Inspection of amperage service connections.

home inspectors in las cruces plumbing inspections


  • Plumbing supply systems

  • Distribution systems

  • Functional water flow on supply fixtures

  • Water pressure testing

  • Drain system operation for functional flow and drainage. 

  • Water Heating Equipment (Safety Inspection, Temperature Inspection

  • Water Heater physical inspection

  • Jetted tub operation and inspection. 

las cruces home inspections


  • Dishwasher operation and inspection

  • Food Waste Disposers (Operation Inspection, Physical Inspection) 

  • Stove and Oven operation inspections (Safety Requirements)

  • Range Hood operation inspections

  • Microwave Oven inspection

  • Garage Door Opener operation and safety inspections

  • Mechanical Exhaust Vent system inspections

Components Examined during the Las Cruces NM-El Paso TX Home Inspection Include

  • Structural Systems of the home / Commercial building. 

    • Foundations

      • Visible foundation examinations ​

    • Grading / Drainage ​​

    • Roof Covering Materials

      • Roof penetrations

      • Flashing materials 

    • Roof Structure and Attics

      • Insulation​

      • Home Roof Structure 

    • Walls

      • Interior / Exterior ​

    • Ceilings and flooring

      • Material conditions​

    • Doors

      • Operation of door systems. ​

    • Windows

      • The functionality of systems. ​

    • Stairways

      • Safety-Railings​

    • Fireplace and Chimneys

      • Functionality ​

      • Gas-operated units. 

    • Porches, Balconies, Decks, and Carports

      • Structural portions, conditions. ​

    • Electrical Systems

      • Service Entrance and Panels​

        • Voltage checks​

        • Voltage distribution verification

      • Branch Circuits, Connected Devices, and Fixtures

        • Voltage checks​

        • Grounding systems

        • Polarity checks

        • Safety compliance 

    • Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling ​

      • Cooling systems ​

        • Cooling distribution, Temperature ranges. ​

      • Heating systems

        • Combustion inspection

        • Carbon Monoxide Testing  

      • Duct systems and vents

    • Plumbing Supply, Distribution Systems, and Fixtures

      • Plumbing fixtures​

        • Supply Water flow​

        • Fixture operations 

      • Drains and vents

        • Visible leak inspections​

      • Water Heating Equipment

        • Proper heating ​

        • Temperature verification 

        • Thermal Imaging or supply temperature. 

    • Appliances - Permanently Installed Systems. ​

      • Dishwasher​

      • Food Waste Disposers

      • Range Hood and Exhaust Systems

      • Ranges, Cook-Tops, and Ovens

      • Microwave Ovens

      • Mechanical Exhaust Vents and Heaters

      • Garage Door Operators

        • Safety sensor check​

        • ​Unit operation​

      • Dryer Vent Systems

    • Extra Equipment​ - Optional Systems

      • Swimming pools - Inground

        • Pump systems​

        • Pooling heating system operations

      • Outdoor Cooking Equipment  ​

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